“Mind Games: A Twisted Game Journey – by Ana Huang”

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Ana Huang is an international, number one, and U.S.A. Today’s bestselling author. She writes New Adult and contemporary romances with wonderfully alpha characters, strong heroines, and lots of steam, angst, and swoon sprinkled throughout. She is best known for her Twisted series. Her works have been featured in publications like NPR, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, and Glamour U.K. and sold to more than two dozen foreign publishers for translation. She considers herself a travel specialist and enjoys including picturesque locations in her tales. She also can’t resist a good chai latte. Ana spends her free time thinking and searching Yelp for her next favorite restaurant when she isn’t reading or writing.

Introduction to “Twisted Game” by Ana Huang

Welcome to the realm of “Twisted Game,” a thrilling journey created by Ana Huang’s creative mind. Huang crafts a compelling narrative in this engaging story that will lead you on a trip filled with tension, mystery, and unexpected turns.

Get ready to enter a world where nothing is what it seems, and every choice has serious repercussions. You will meet intriguing people in “Twisted Game” who have secrets and ulterior motives. As the main character, you must go through a dangerous environment where betrayal lurks around every bend and trust is a luxury.

Huang skillfully blends aspects of psychological suspense, complex planning, and pulse-pounding action, showcasing her superb storytelling prowess. The well-designed turns and twists will have you turning the pages in anticipation of learning the answer to the mysterious riddle being revealed to you, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

You will encounter moral quandaries, challenging puzzles, and mind-bending difficulties as you progress through the game. Your decisions will influence how the story turns out, taking you down many avenues and exposing various aspects of the intricate story. The distinction between truth and illusion is blurred in “Twisted Game,” making you doubt your judgment and put your gut feelings to the test.

Immerse yourself in a setting where nothing is as it seems and the unexpected always lurks in the background. Will you decipher the mysteries of “Twisted Game,” or will you turn the pages in anticipation of learning the answer to the mysterious riddle being revealed to you, keeping you on the edge of your seat?

You will encounter moral quandaries, challenging puzzles, and mind-bending difficulties as you progress through the game. Your decisions will either shape the or cause you to become a victim of its crafty schemes. Get yourself for a fascinating journey filled with peril, mystery, and the unrelenting search for the truth.

We cordially invite you to “Twisted Game” by Ana Huang, a work of literature that will challenge your thinking and hold your attention until the end. Prepare to have fun if you dare.

Book Review Of Twisted Game By Ana Huang

The swoon-worthy and fascinating romance between Bridget and Rhys is Twisted Games. Except for the forbidden romance and royalty falling for the commoner cliche, this is essentially the same as the first book. Although it may be read alone, I recommend reading them chronologically because it references some events from the previous book. 

Writing is compelling, evocative, and enjoyable. I liked the concept of the two-part time jumps in this passage. While the second portion of the book extends the timeframe, the first part takes place in the same period as the previous book. The book’s first part is slow because it covers four years, but it helps to set up the plot.

This book’s plot is excellent, much better than the first one, and it has suspense and a mystery that I couldn’t solve until it was revealed. Of course, the characters are just as fantastic as the narrative, and in this novel, too, I adored their backstory. There are a lot of supporting actors, both old and new. Andreas and Christian were pleasant. Now that I’m eager to read Stella and Christian’s story. Getting to know Bridget and Rhys was a pleasure.

Bridget, the second-in-line Princess of Eldorra, never intended to become the monarch but was forced to do so after her brother abdicated for love. The title comes with much pressure, and her feelings for Rhys add to the difficulty. I couldn’t predict whether she would choose the throne or Rhys, or if she would choose both, how. Bridget is beautiful, intelligent, kind, gracious, and sensible. For now, she was with her pals, and I adored her for her love of animals in the first novel. I could see how she felt imprisoned and afraid after her brother abdicated because she liked her freedom and everyday life in the United States. Her frail side was painful to watch. The throne is the most powerful seat in the palace. Still, it’s also the smallest prison, and this was demonstrated frequently throughout the book, in my opinion, supporting what her cousin said. In addition, she is resilient, tenacious, stubborn, and risk-taking. I understood why she would be better able to work out how to revoke the Royal Marriage Law than Nikolai.

Rhys is attractive, irritable, domineering, possessive, and protective. I admired how he was so helpful. He was always intrigued by Bridget’s position or title. When he assisted Bridget with her bucket list, he won my heart. I was moved to tears by his backstory. It stung to read about his complex P.T.S.D., brought on by his early life and later military service. When he discovered relatives besides Bridget, I felt delighted for him.

Although there is instant passion, the romance develops slowly. There are many pleasant and unforgettable moments. They had a fantastic time in Costa Rica, and I enjoyed it .when Rhys set up a tent and organized an interior celebration for Bridget. I adored how it altered their emotions and bond. Their chemistry, love, longing, and passion are lovely.

The climax is expected and unavoidable. Because they were both so careless, I was prepared for it. Just how far their fling could go startled me. I adored how Rhys’ father turned out, what he learned about him, and the mystery around who shared their photos. Bridget and Rhys’ confrontation with the Speaker was fantastic. The conclusion is gorgeous, inspiring, and reviving.

Why 4 Star_

Even though I adored Bridget, I didn’t enjoy it when, at Rhys’ request, she crawled up to him. What happened to decency and respect for oneself? I didn’t appreciate Rhys telling her to crawl either. Up until that time, his possessiveness hadn’t affected me.

Although some of the scenes and dirty conversations were unsettling, I believe that now that I am aware of this, I won’t allow it to influence me as much and will instead concentrate on the plot, which I find to be quite compelling.

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