Ensnared Hearts: A Twisted Love Saga

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Ana Huang is an international, number one, and U.S.A. Today’s bestselling author. She writes New Adult and contemporary romances with wonderfully alpha characters, strong heroines, and lots of steam, angst, and swoon sprinkled throughout. She is best known for her Twisted series. Her works have been featured in publications like NPR, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, and Glamour U.K. and sold to more than two dozen foreign publishers for translation. She considers herself a travel specialist and enjoys including picturesque locations in her tales. She also can’t resist a good chai latte. Ana spends her free time thinking and searching Yelp for her next favorite restaurant when she isn’t reading or writing.


Get ready to go through the pages of this captivating literary story on an incredible trip. You will encounter fascinating individuals in these stories whose destinies are intricately intertwined. They are powerless to withstand. You will see the alluring pull of hidden desires, the heady attraction of forbidden passions, and the profound lessons they learn as their stories develop. Influence on the human heart that loves, in its most perverted form, may have.

Ensnared Hearts: A Twisted Love Saga takes place in a world where love has no boundaries, passion dances with danger, and hearts get tangled up in a maze of feelings. This compelling series reveals a world where desires take on a darker hue, the line between right and wrong blurs, and love’s journey is littered with unforeseen turns.

Hearts encourages you to explore the depths of a love that defies expectations, from broken dreams to chance encounters, from tortured souls to bittersweet redemption. As you explore the complexity of love, the frailty of trust, and the shadows that lurk beyond the surface of human bonds, get ready for a rollercoaster of emotions.

Are you prepared to be spellbound by Hearts: A Twisted Love Saga’s enchantment? Open its pages and be ready to be engulfed by a world where love and evil are entwined, leaving a lasting impression on those souls bold enough to explore its depths.

Book Review Of Twisted Love By Ana Huang

Twisted Love is an enjoyable, dark, and steamy romance that tells the story of Ava and Alex, who have very different personalities and a complicated history. Josh, Alex’s best friend, and Ava’s older brother, asks Alex to take care of Ava while he is away for a pre-med internship, and the two end up falling in Love.

Writing is compulsive, compelling, and enjoyable; some phrases are stunning. They will undoubtedly win the hearts of romance fans, which is another reason why this is so well-liked. The narrative is written from the alternate dual perspectives of Ava and Alex.

Even though The plot is predictable, full of clichés, and hardly innovative, it nonetheless captivates you. All praise goes to the author for turning this straightforward yet twisting emotional story into a habit I’m delighted I indulged in.

As described in the synopsis, Alex is a bloody rich, possessive alpha/antihero who is cold-hearted, emotionless, and moody. He is also deadly gorgeous and has an I.Q. that rivals his ego. His past gives him a more human side and drives him to berserk with rage. Someone killed his family when he was a child, and he committed the rest of his life to tracking out the murderer and exacting vengeance. He is so near to it, but Ava keeps him from finishing. He was made to feel and fall in love with her, which altered his priorities.

Despite having a troubled background like her own, Ava is attractive, bright, and full of life. She has always seen the good in people and life. She can’t recall her early years, she experiences night terrors daily, but she never lets it stop her from enjoying life. I could see how she was the only one who could appreciate Alex and was driven to elicit his emotion.

Hatred, vengeance, and filthy sex scenes abound in the narrative. It frequently gave off a mafia romance vibe. The initial discoveries of both characters are what I appreciated the most. I could comprehend them better and understand why Alex, in particular, behaved the way he did.

It was intriguing to observe how slowly Alex’s armor was being worn away and how he allowed himself to be vulnerable to emotions. I admired Ava’s courage, bravery, and ability to overcome her phobia while growing independent.

The friendship between Ava and Stella, Jules, and Bridget is another excellent aspect of the book. I adored how helpful and considerate they were. I’m overjoyed to receive each of their tales in this collection. The bond between siblings is beautiful. I immediately liked Josh because of his Love for Ava and fierce guardianship. To read his and Jules’ story, I’m excited.

As I’ve already mentioned, most of the twists and turns were foreseeable, and I could see both characters’ pasts being revealed, yet the ending still caught me off guard. After the climax, Alex had a good reason for letting Ava go, but I also thought it was unfair. At this point, I was rooting for Ava, and I’m incredibly thrilled and even a little proud of her for not letting Alex back into her life without making him earn her Love and trust again. For such, the novel received bonus points. The conclusion is satisfactory and as I had anticipated, but I must admit that I am most looking forward to Bridget and Rhys’ story.

Twisted Love End 

After two and a half months, Ava departs for her fellowship in London, and Alex is in a complete state of distress when Bridget storms into his office and demands that he declare his feelings to her. Ava is ultimately revealed by Bridget to be departing for London in an hour after numerous denials. He finally confesses his love for her. As he races to the airport, he learns that her aircraft has already taken off. After six months, Alex arranges everything so he won’t be required at work and departs for London. He declares that he hopes Ava will forgive him one day after discovering her. For him, everything was real, and he hopes she will give him another chance. She orders him to leave her alone, but he has promised to return every day to the area under her building until she forgives him. Ava finally has her first show on the penultimate day of her fellowship after two years of chasing. She thinks she will be happy even if just one of her pieces is bought. She learns to her amazement that all of her efforts have sold, and her mentor or role model praises her. She is aware in her heart that Alex is the one who purchased the paintings. Finding him on stage, revealing how one person invaded his gloomy world and became a light in the darkness, she looks for him at the exhibition only to find him there. A song of love and heartache, betrayal and redemption, regret and forgiveness is afterward sung by him for her. He never sang in his life, but he does it so brilliantly. Can she finally pardon him, permitting them to reach their happy conclusion? Definitely, yes.

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