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American author Colleen Hoover (née Margaret Colleen Fennell; born 11 December 1979) specializes in romance and young adult fiction. It Ends with Us, her 2016 romantic book, is her most well-known work. Several of her works were released independently before being picked up by a publishing house. As of October 2022, Hoover had sold about 20 million volumes. In 2023, Time magazine included her among the top 100 global influencers.

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“It Starts with Us” is a romance novel by Colleen Hoover, published in 2016. The book tells the captivating story of two young adults, Lily and Atlas, who were separated by fate but found their way back to each other. This review aims to comprehensively analyze the book, including its plot summary, themes, and writing style.

Plot Summary

It Starts with Us follows the story of Lily Bloom, a young woman who falls in love with Ryle Kincaid, a handsome neurosurgeon. The two have an instant connection and seem to be the perfect match until Ryle’s dark past resurfaces, bringing a new level of complexity to their relationship. Lily is also haunted by her past, including the memories of her abusive father and her first love, Atlas Corrigan. The two highly flawed and layered characters struggle to come to terms with their past while navigating their relationship in the present.

Major Characters and Their Development Throughout the Story

Lily Bloom – the protagonist of the story, grows from a young, naive girl to a strong, independent woman who refuses to compromise her values and beliefs. Her character development is one of the most compelling aspects of the book.

The male lead, Ryle Kincaid, is charming, successful, and highly ambitious. However, his past demons threaten to destroy his present and future. Ryle’s character development is equally complex, as he struggles with his desire to change and his inability to confront his past.

Atlas Corrigan – Lily’s first love; he reappears in her life and brings up old wounds. Atlas’ character development is crucial to the plot, as his presence challenges Ryle’s place in Lily’s heart.

Setting and Its Relevance to the Plot

The novel’s setting is primarily in small-town Kentucky and New York City. The stark contrast between the two locations is significant because it highlights the class differences between the characters and the impact that wealth and privilege have on their lives. The rural environment of Kentucky serves as a reminder of Lily’s traumatic childhood. In contrast, the fast-paced lifestyle of New York City is a reflection of Ryle’s successful career in medicine.

Major Events and Conflicts

Lily’s Father’s Abuse: Lily’s traumatic childhood and abusive father are a constant presence in her life.

Ryle’s Dark Past: Ryle’s past abuse and violence threaten to destroy his relationship with Lily and ruin his career.

Atlas’s Reappearance: Atlas’s return complicates Lily’s relationship with Ryle and forces her to confront her unresolved feelings for her first love.

Lily’s Decision – the story’s climax centers around Lily’s ultimate Decision between Ryle and Atlas.

Overall, It Starts with Us is a powerful novel that explores the complexities of love, abuse, and forgiveness. The well-developed characters and the thought-provoking themes make for an emotionally charged and satisfying read.

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If you’re a fan of books exploring themes such as love, family, mental health, and trauma, you’re in for a treat. Colleen Hoover’s latest novel, It Starts with Us, is a gripping tale that will keep you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the themes in the book and how they’re portrayed.

Love and Relationships

One of the main themes in the book is love and relationships. The story follows the lives of two main characters, Lily and Ryle. Lily is a strong-willed woman who has been in love with Ryle since they were young. On the other hand, Ryle is a successful businessman with a troubled past. The book explores how their love for each other is tested by the challenges they face.

Family Dynamics

Family dynamics is another theme that is explored in the book. Lily comes from a close-knit family, but Ryle’s family is broken. The book shows how these two different family structures have influenced the characters’ lives and how they handle difficult situations.

Forgiveness and Redemption

Forgiveness and redemption are essential themes in the book. Lily and Ryle both have to deal with past mistakes and regrets. The book shows how they can forgive themselves and each other and move forward.

Mental Health and Trauma

Perhaps one of the most poignant themes in the book is the issue of mental health and trauma. Both Lily and Ryle have experienced trauma in their lives, and the book portrays how this has affected their mental health. Through their journeys, the book sheds light on how mental health issues can impact a person’s life and how seeking help is essential.

In conclusion, It Starts with Us is a book that explores complex themes such as love, family, forgiveness, mental health, and trauma. Colleen Hoover’s writing style is engaging, and the way she portrays these themes is both thoughtful and insightful. If you’re looking for a book that will make you think and feel, then It Starts with Us is worth reading.


If you’re in the mood for a heart-wrenching yet endearing read, the “It Starts with Us” novel by Colleen Hoover is a must-read. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the novel’s captivating writing style, narrative structure, use of imagery and metaphors, dialogue and characterization, and pace and tone.

The writing style in “It Starts with Us” is simple yet expressive. Colleen Hoover writes in a way that allows the reader to easily connect with the characters and submerge themselves in the unfolding events. The pacing is steady, without long-winded, descriptive paragraphs. Instead, the vivid imagery of each scene is conveyed through concise sentences that quickly draw in the reader.

Narrative Structure

The novel’s narrative structure is expertly crafted. The story is told through two perspectives: Lily, the main character, and Ryle, her love interest. The dual perspectives provide a unique insight into their personalities, motives, and feelings, which allows the reader to connect with the characters and understand their choices.

Use of Imagery and Metaphors

Colleen Hoover’s use of imagery and metaphors in “It Starts with Us” is nothing short of exceptional. She paints vivid visuals of the characters’ struggles and emotions with grace and elegance that the reader can’t help but feel a deep emotional connection to the story.

One of the standout imagery moments in the book is when Ryle describes Lily’s smile as “a gift from God.” This beautiful description conveys the depth of Ryle’s love for Lily. The book’s metaphors drive home and intensify the emotional richness of each scene, elevating the novel beyond the ordinary.

Dialogue and Characterization

Dialogue in “It Starts with Us” is natural, engaging, and conversational. Characters’ conversations are realistic and filled with poignant moments relevant to the plot and contribute to the readers’ understanding of the characters’ motivations and thought processes.

Characterization in the novel is impeccable, with complex characters and psychologically driven personalities that stay with you long after you finish reading. Lily is a well-crafted character with a layered personality, and Ryle is the brooding love interest whose past, which offers insight into the novel, makes him even more complex.

Pace and Tone

The novel’s pace is well-balanced, with just the right amount of drama, romance, and intrigue to keep the reader engaged throughout the story. The book’s tone is emotionally heavy, with several psychologically intense moments. Colleen Hoover’s writing makes the reader empathize and connect emotionally with the characters while providing a catharsis.


  “It Starts with Us” novel is beautifully written, with a clear narrative structure, impactful imagery, metaphors, well-crafted dialogue, and characterization. The pace and tone of the novel keep readers captivated throughout the story, providing an unforgettable reading experience. Hence, this book is highly recommended for anyone looking for an emotionally rich and satisfying read.

 “It Starts with Us” is a captivating and emotional novel exploring love, forgiveness, and healing themes. The book’s well-crafted plot and relatable characters make it impossible to put down, and Hoover’s writing style makes it a must-read for anyone who enjoys romance novels. Overall, it is an excellent book that is worth reading.

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Colleen Hoover is a New York Times bestselling author known for her captivating romances and emotional rollercoasters. She has written numerous novels such as “Hopeless,” “Slammed,” and “Ugly Love.” Her works have been translated into more than 30 languages worldwide, making her one of the most popular contemporary romance authors today.

“It Starts With Us” is a heart-wrenching tale of love, loss, and forgiveness. The plot follows Lily Bloom, a young woman trying to escape her past and build a new life. She meets Ryle Kincaid, a successful neurosurgeon who is charming, confident, and damaged. As they embark on a passionate and intense romance, Lily realizes that Ryle has a dark side that threatens to destroy everything they have built together. The story tackles complex themes such as domestic violence and mental health, making it a poignant and thought-provoking read.

“It Starts with Us” stands out from other contemporary novels because of its raw and honest portrayal of sensitive topics. Hoover does not shy away from difficult conversations; she tackles them head-on with sensitivity and grace. The characters are well-developed, and the story is told in an unconventional yet engaging manner. The novel challenges readers to examine their lives and relationships, making it a powerful and unforgettable read.

You should read “It Starts with Us” if you are looking for a gripping, emotional, and thought-provoking novel. It is a story that will stay with you long after you have finished reading it. It is a reminder of the importance of forgiveness, self-reflection, and empathy. This book will leave you in tears, but it will also inspire you to be a better person.

There is no news about a film adaptation of “It Starts with Us.” However, with the book’s popularity, it would not be surprising to see it adapted into a movie or TV series.

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