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Ana Huang

Ana Huang is an international, number one, and U.S.A. Today’s bestselling author. She writes New Adult and contemporary romances with wonderfully alpha characters, strong heroines, and lots of steam, angst, and swoon sprinkled throughout. She is best known for her Twisted series. Her works have been featured in publications like NPR, Cosmopolitan, Financial Times, and Glamour U.K. and sold to more than two dozen foreign publishers for translation. She considers herself a travel specialist and enjoys including picturesque locations in her tales. She also can’t resist a good chai latte. Ana spends her free time thinking and searching Yelp for her next favorite restaurant when she isn’t reading or writing.

Ana Huang twisted series author

Twisted Lies plot

Twisted Lies follows two characters, Stella Alonso an influencer, and Christian Harper the CEO of Harper Security and The Mirage.

Stella’s stuck on a specific amount of followers so Her manager advises her to fake date. (not telling u more because ill end up giving spoilers!!) (ik the plot isn’t a lot but I don’t want to ruin the book for you if you plan on reading it.) Review:

To be honest, I had high expectations for this book since I loved twisted games. But this book doesn’t live up to the hype.

Like I loved the first 350 pages and the tropes but After that, they’d have sex nonstop I don’t have a problem with smut but there was no story page

The line during those few pages whatsoever. But miss ana huang outsold with the last 50 pages Because oh my god. The heartbreak? I was sobbing. This is one of those books that you know is your comfort book

Twisted Lies Book Review

This is the last book in the Twisted Series. It’s a spicy love story between Christian Harper, a billionaire, and Stella Alonso, an influencer. He doesn’t believe in love (what a lie) and she’s a romantic. Christian always found Stella to be different, and he’s obsessed with her. She needs more followers and he needs someone who can attend events with him, and so they pretend to date. The main story between them starts when Stella’s stalker is back and she starts living in Harper’s house. They also go on trips together for her photoshoot. Later in the story, Stella leaves Christian’s home because he hides something from her, and he wrote her letters the whole time she was away (he also started talking to plants). This book was wholesome as hell, from the cute to intimate moments they shared, everything was just perfect. Christian Harper is such a simp, it was so obvious from the start, just by how he spoke. I adore this couple! He says the most heart-fluttering stuff. Overall, I found this book to be really good, an amazing read! Morally Grey Men<3

Twisted lies by Ana Huang

Sometimes, all we needed was the knowledge

Someone, somewhere cared about us

Twisted Lies By Ana Huang

I devoured this book, it was amazing and I loved it so much. Can’t believe I’ve finished the twisted series now, this one was my favorite!! Honestly, Ana Huang slayed with this book, I couldn’t put it down. I loved Stella’s character I thought she was easy to relate to. Especially when she said she’d rather throw herself in an “ice pool in the dead of winter” than interrupt someone mid-conversation. That’s me lol. I also liked that Stella having anxiety was represented well in the book. I loved that with help from Christian she was able to feel more confident and realize her self-worth, I loved him even more for doing that for her, Christian Harper, my lord, what a man!! He was a complex character but I loved him. Throughout the book, I enjoyed learning more about him and his history as he learned to open up to Stella. Some of you may not know but I adore the fake dating trope (it’s one of my faves) and Ana Huang wrote this trope to perfection, Stella and Christian had the best chemistry they had me screaming in excitement when the family got together. I’m convinced that Stella and Christian are a match made in heaven, they are so perfect for each other and are my favorite twisted couple. Can’t believe that I’ve finished this series now, I’ll never get to read it for the first time again which is sad but I’m beyond happy now that I know that everyone got their own happily ever after.

Romanticizing love was easy

Falling in love was harder

Ana Huang

Twisted Lies Summary

Twisted Lies, the fourth and final book in Ana Huang’s popular Twisted series, is a TikTok sensation. It is a slow-burning, lengthy, dark, spicy romance, and I found it difficult to put it down. This is Stella’s narrative; each tale in the Twisted series is based on a different acquaintance from a group of women who were roommates in college.

Stella Alonso just lost her job at the fashion publication D.C. Style. Her supervisor believed the magazine conflicted with her Instagram fashion account. Stella is a kind woman who has been paying for her elderly nanny to reside in a dementia care facility. As a result, she is in severe need of income. Brady, Stella’s manager, and buddy, advises her to acquire a false partner because couple content is popular now. They observe Raya, a rival of Stella’s, seeing a significant increase in her numbers after dating another influencer, Adam. Stella reasons that if famous people can date for publicity, she can too. She starts seeking a phony fiancé because she doesn’t have time for an actual relationship.

Her rich landlord, Christian Harper, has been using her to water his plants in exchange for reduced rent while he lives in the apartment above her. Despite being in denial about his attraction to her, he manages to keep it hidden—except when his inescapable jealousy is aroused. The fact that Stella is unaware of his interest in her is quite endearing. When he learns about her bogus dating scheme, he proposes a compromise that will work well for both of them: He will act as her pretend boyfriend in exchange for her going to professional events with him.

Christian is the CEO of his own cybersecurity company and a mysterious and strong computing genius. He is looking for a firm employee who is working with a rival to steal customers. He is also amorally dubious and possessive when it comes to Stella’s protection. Christian advises Stella to move in with him while he hunts for the stalker because his flat is like Fort Knox when a stalker from Stella’s past resurfaces.

You might be concerned that this Christian resembles Christian Gray a lot. Do not fret. Stella accepts his offer and finds it to be beneficial to her. Because the stalker entered her flat and left a note, Stella is afraid. Given that Christian is a security expert and that she won’t need to put any of her friends or family in danger by staying with him, she is confident that she will be safe in his apartment.

Twisted Lies is named thus because Christian is hiding some things from Stella out of fear that she may leave him. Christian’s history is well-illustrated by the author, which helps us see why he is so icy, distant, and dangerous. I applauded Christian for defying her parents’ advice to seek a real job when they went to Stella’s house for supper. He extols her for being imaginative, successful, and compassionate. It’s amazing to see Stella get stronger as the story progresses with his help.

I still wish I had read the prior volumes in the series first, but the book does a good job of standing alone. The final installment in the Twisted series, King of Wrath, featuring Dante, a close friend of Christian, is now available.

Where does the book take place?

A  little Hamlet with terrible secrets serves as the setting for the book.

What is the name of the main character?

Emma Collins is the name of the main character.

How does Emma’s best pal fare?

A murder inquiry is launched after the death of Emma’s best friend is discovered in questionable circumstances.

What inspires Emma to learn the truth?

Emma is driven by her quest for justice as well as her urge to expose the depraved lies that are kept a secret in her community.

Does Emma encounter any risks while doing her investigation?

It’s true that as Emma looks into more details about the case, she comes into contact with more danger and is entangled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Do the story’s unexpected turns occur?

Unexpected turns and disturbing information about Emma’s friends, family, and the community she believed she knew are prevalent throughout the narrative.

Do Emma’s allies in the fight for justice exist?

In order to find the truth and make her way through the maze of twisted lies, Emma does indeed establish unforeseen partnerships.
A: “Twisted Lies” examines a variety of subjects.
B: “Twisted Lies” examines topics like betrayal, trust, and the lengths one will go to in order to get the truth.
Is “Twisted Lies” the first in a series or a stand-alone book?
The book “Twisted Lies” stands alone.

Who would like “Twisted Lies” as a reader?

Readers who enjoy suspenseful psychological thrillers with nuanced characters and intricate plots would enjoy reading “Twisted Lies”.

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